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Best Night Sight Brands 2017

There are many optics available claiming they are the best. However, what are the best night sight brands you should buy. We have researched some of the known and not so well known amongst users and narrowed it down to three Trijicon, Meprolight, and Truglo.

The fact remains there is no perfect sight, but some do stand out and work better. Some would say a front sight is the best as it has a bright color, larger and the likelihood is you can use it in combat. The fact remains if you are in need of a front or rear sight the following brands come highly recommended for features, quality, and value.

What Makes the Following Night Sight Brands Perfect?

For defensive shooters, the most important thing is to be prepared when threats happen to arise, especially in low-light areas. Pulling out your gun while it is pitch dark makes it difficult to see without the right night sight attached.

Therefore, what makes the following brands, unique let us enlighten you?


For fast, accurate shooting, the important part is to get your front and rear sight lined up right on the target. This takes loads of practice and even if you are an expert, it gets harder in low-light conditions. This is where the Trijicon brand stands out as they give you night sights with illuminated front posts.

Further, you can get rear sights to put the contrast back in the background when using your pistol in dark areas. This allows you to aim simpler and makes it easier to bring the night sight in line. The devices made by this popular trade use tritium, as there is no need of using batteries to power up the optic.

Each of their line uses small glass tubes with tritium gas in either the front blade or rear ones. This colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas reacts in the same way as normal hydrogen. As it keeps going through a decay process, it releases beta rays and creates fluorescent illumination.

This is a passive power source and requires no on or off switch as the gas is always decaying. You can buy from a wide selection of night sights for your Glock, Colts, S&Ws, Sig Saur and more. They are easy to attach, but you can use a professional to do it for you.

If you are uncertain how to install one make sure to read our “How to Install a Night Sight.” The great thing is that the titanium used lasts a long time as it’s housed in a protective cylinder made from aluminum. There is even a silicon rubber cushioning to protect it from shock.


One of the leading optics companies is Meprolight. They have been manufacturing systems for law enforcement, infantry, and armed forces for decades. They have a wide selection of combat products and their optical sights and night sights stand out for one reason – their tritium illuminated products.

Each of their devices is custom made to work with handguns and Sig Sauer weapons. For low light use, the tritium green dot system is the best. The three dot self-illuminated sights, great to use in different lighting conditions.

The other great thing is that you receive a 12-year warranty on all the Meprolight Tru-Dot sights. There is no need of transition when using these gadgets as it adds no weight and withstands the use of prolonged solvents when cleaning.

The other amazing thing is that they make more than just night sights they cater you with tactical gear, rifle sights, and accessories.


To survive the mad city jungle at night Truglo supplies users with common tools from flashlights to night sights. Their products made with tritium-filled vials that glow-in-the-dark for the best sight alignment.  As with Meprolight, you have both nighttime and daytime optics.

They present you with night sights for firearms and your bow. Their basic optic sight is the Tritium/Fiber one. Compared to the Trijicon line they encase the optic sight in CNC steel with an orange ring around it and commonly found in the front sight.

This is a great feature as you can distinguish the front from the rear for a quick line up.

Final Thoughts

As you can see each one of these night sight brands have their own unique features and made with quality material. Whether you choose a Trijicon, Meprolight, or Truglo be assured you are receiving the best.



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