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Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic Review 2017

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On May 22, 2017
Last modified:May 22, 2017


As the markets swarmed with thousands of optics, it can add up to confusion what is the best optic for you to buy? When it comes to the Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optics not called the PRO for nothing. The remarkable features make this product highly functional and unique and affordable priced to suit most users’ pockets.



Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic Review 2017

Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic Review


Are you a tactical or competitor shooter who requires a tough, accurate optic on top of your rifle, then you have arrived at the right place to make sure that you receive the best Rifle Optic on the market today. With the Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic attached to your rifle, you will never again spend a fortune on ammo and will not miss a target ever again.


Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic

When you buy the Aimpoint PRO, it is more economical for your budget, durable, and liked by many individuals who own one. Aimpoint builds high-quality reflex sights that provide users with unlimited eye relief for hunters to competitive shooters, they realized the benefits of fast-action reflex sights in a tactical situation, and that they require different desires in a red-dot scope thus making the Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic.

The Rifle Optic is a red-dot scope specially designed for tactical shooters, police officers and competitive in need of a tough, accurate optic attached to their rifles. Aimpoint has consulted with many law enforcement specialists working closely with them establishing their requirements in building an optic around their specifications with numerous features that officers rely on to protect and service citizens. They built it within the limits of a restricted budget.

Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic review Features

With the Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic review, you will see all the great features the optical has to offer you as for one the Pros’ housed in a hard anodized body made of aluminum to protect the glass lenses and electronics housed in it. Buried in the optic you will find the front glass helping for protection from scratches while offering you with multi-coated optimal viewing.

Lenses protected

The front lens covered with band-pass coating designed to use with any type of night-vision devices as most police works conducted at night. The housing of the optics in matte black and comes attached with a QRP2 mount that has an incorporated torque-limiting knob to help you with fast installation while preventing tightening. The only requirement that you have is to decide where you want to mount the optic turn the knob three times and lock it into place.

Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic

Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic


As with all optics made by Aimpoint, the Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic comes with 1X magnification that allows you to use it with both your eyes open. This important feature helps for fully crucial vision as it helps with fast target acquisition. When it comes to suspect, targeting you require both eyes to be open and your rifles aim must be quick to take suspects into custody.

Includes Flip Covers

The optic comes with included flip covers to protect the lenses and are transparent, allowing you to engage a target, even while the covers are closed when it an emergency. The recessed lenses protected against damage, marks caused by your fingers, and scratches.

The 2MOA

The two minute of angel, red dot allows you to utilize maximum accuracy from all distances under all types of environmental conditions.

Unique Features

  • The Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic is always ready and on to be used. Turn on the optic and with one single battery you can use it up to three years with no need of fumbling with switches. The battery comes with in-service date plus battery, change date reminders to help make inventory tracking and maintenance easy.
  • At all distances, the optics offer you with a two Minute of Angle (2MOA), red dot providing you with an accurate target engagement.
  • The PRO comes with enhanced speed on target and augmented first shot hit odds when compared to other magnified scopes and iron sights.
  • The optic is compatible with all cohorts, night vision devices and used with Aimpoint® 3X Magnifier (3XMag) and Aimpoint® Concealed Engagement unit (CEU).
  • It comes with an anodized aluminum housing that is rugged enough for all forms of conditions and waterproof up to 150 feet (45 meters). It can also handle temperatures that range from minus 50° to 160°
  • The front lens is threaded that allows for the use of an ARD (screw-in antireflection device), and comes with front and rear flip covers that helps keep the lenses clean.
  • The translucent rear flick cover allows you to use the sight with both eyes open even when both covers closed in an emergency.
  • The mount provided with the Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic provides you with the versatility to be able to mount the optic on any type of carbine styled weapon by easily removing the spacers you can even use it on sub machine guns and shotguns.
  • The optic comes with a battery and adjustment cap retainer straps to help keep the pieces in place.
  • The QRP2 rail mount snaps three times to help fit the optic in place and does not deform the rail as many other mounts do.
  • To prevent impact against fingerprints, scratches, and damage the lens has added recess.
  • The optic is Parallax free and required no centering
  • It comes with a 3V Lithium battery that provides you with 30,000 hours of continuous use.
  • The dot intensity adjustments are done with a manual rotary switch
  • It comes with six daylight settings.
  • It comes with a ten-year limited warranty if not used for competitive shooting two years limited warranty if used in competitive shooting.
Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic In Action

Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic In Action

Testing the Aimpoint PRO Rifle Optic

As the Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optics designed for police it has gone through real and rugged testing as it is not made to sit on exquisite wood and hunting rifle and has been mounted to various hardcore rifles and one of them is the DPMS Panther AP4 carbine and sighted in at the recommended 50 yards.

When used, it provides you with fast target acquisition and accuracies on par while, placing two rounds into center mass from the ready position even while on the move. The PRO optics designed for use at close range; however, if you are going to shoot long range you will need a magnifier added to your weapon.

When it comes to shock and weather the PRO offers you with high-quality optics every time when used, even when leaving it on for hours and conducting training drills from slow aimed shots to fast action shots.  Throwing it in the back of a truck and letting it bounce around every time the triggers pulled it was ready for action.

For testing if the Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic would withstand the elements of nature, it had been dropped in a bucket of water for an hour to see it the optic is completely sealed then rotated in and out of the freezer simulating the effect of taking the optic into colder weather conditions and vice versa. Resulting in no fogging of the lenses and when remounted back on the weapon and making sure the optics sighted in while using a magnifier shooting quite a few rounds the PRO past the test of being durable, withstanding any weather condition and ready to shoot every time when picked up.

Who will benefit from using the Aimpoint PRO?

If you are an enthusiast of rifle and always looking for cool gadgets to mount on your weapon then you will benefit using the Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic. With the great provided features this modern sights made to respond to any type of situation from the police force, hunters, tactical shooters, and competitor shooters help them save costs on ammunition while not missing a target ever again.

It provides you better vision:

If you are in the profession of hunting to shooting targets, then the biggest thing is vision, which many people do not have while shooting. It helps you to shoot targets better without missing them.

Achieving better scores:

Are you a sports person that needs to make the best scores when shooting, but your vision is holding you back then the optic will provide you with accurate shooting every time.

You will not face unsafe situations ever:

Are you in a position where you risk your life every day for others? Are you scared of losing your life? Well with the Aimpoint Pro Patrol Rifle Optic attached to your weapon, you are able to shoot targets even while the lens caps are down making this an excellent advantage for you when hunting down a suspect to take into custody.

Aimpoint PRO Review and Customer Feedback

If you are in need of reading an Aimpoint PRO Review, Amazon offers you with unlimited customer feedback. More than 170 customers have bought the optic and voted it with a rating of 4.8 stars making this an outstanding buy. With so many sights in the market bragging how amazing they are, the features of the PRO is still the best when compared as many users said that the optic is made for all law enforcers needs and easy to use in any type of emergency situation. The long life battery is great as you do not need to replace it all the time when used and there is no incidence thus far with the product when it comes to the battery as you find in most other Rifle Optics when bought.

Another customer had the following to say regarding the Optic, “He had bought it for his AR-15 and advised that it comes fastened to a great mount, and you have the availability of using it with various types of night vision brightness options. He received the Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic in a box with the mount attached, flip-up caps, a battery with sticker,, reminder when battery needs replacing, Allen key for the mount, and instruction booklets.  Another great thing he said is that the torque-limiting knob is great and keeps the optic mounted securely on the rifle and advising that the only thing he did not like about the optic is the knob is very big. He loves the flip-up lens covers as it has helped to keep out dust particles when used outside and while being stored. You can use the optic, even when the covers are down and come with numerous settings for brightness. He also advised that the elevation and windage adjustment is standard and the dials protected against moisture while the battery compartments protected, in the same way. He has also taken off the optic a few times and with some minor adjustments when remounted has never lost zero. Another great thing he likes is the ten-year warranty if you do not use the optic in competitions and the two year for those who do.”

Pros and Cons

Regardless of the fact that the PRO seems to be perfect, there are always some minor glitches to take into consideration before buying the device. Although the advantages are much greater than the disadvantages when it comes to this optic providing you with an excellent, buy.


  • The Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic offers you with lots of features that you do not find on a traditional rifle optic.
  • The optics designed for professionals with quality in mind when it comes to the lenses and all.
  • You can leave the optic turned on for three years without replacing the battery, as it is an energy saver and economically friendly saving you money from constantly buying batteries that have run down.
  • The optic is suitable for any type of emergency combats as you are able to use the lens even while the covers in place. It comes with a see through design, which allows you to observe the target without you removing the covering of the lens.
  • The optic is affordable with all the features it has to offer, especially for professionals who want the best in optic to provide them with a fully functional rifle.
  • The optic comes with a large tube that helps to make an acquisition easier.


The only negative result is the knob that is huge, but not a major problem while aiming at targets.

On what weapons is this Optic Compatible?

  • Many users who have bought the Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic has mounted it on an M&P 15 and AR-15 and extremely happy with the product and recommends it to all shooters who are looking for precise optic and quality in a product.
  • Others have mounted it on AK variations and even hog rifles and a great optic for the price.
  • Some have used it on a shotgun advising that the optic is easy to mount to most weapons.

Why should you buy Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle optic?

Firstly, Aimpoint has been a leader in the market by producing various optic products. They have been providing affordable and quality priced optics for quite a few years now.

Aimpoint is a well-known International Company that has provided tactical optics to the Army and Police services offering them with high-tech optics while working in the field in protecting themselves and other citizens.

By adding the Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optic to your weapon, it provides you with the best aim for most targets while used in hunting, target shooting, and emergencies.

Aimpoint Pro Patrol Rifle Optic

Aimpoint Pro Patrol Rifle Optic

Final Word

As the markets swarmed with thousands of optics, it can add up to confusion what is the best optic for you to buy? When it comes to the Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optics not called the PRO for nothing. The remarkable features make this product highly functional and unique and affordable priced to suit most users’ pockets.

In addition, the PRO is precisely what it claims to be; it provides you with a fast-action optic and always ready for action when needed in the real world, it is easy to use, and mounts.  It comes with some great brightness settings, and the battery life is superb saving you lots of money in the process when it comes to most other optics available on the market. The optic will provide you with great use in any type of weather conditions from extremely hot to cold, keeping its durability and aim all the time when used.

So if you are in a position that you require a tactical and self-defense optic then buying the Aimpoint PRO is the best option for you as it comes with high recommendations from many users who have used it before and described as the best optic available at the present moment.


As the markets swarmed with thousands of optics, it can add up to confusion what is the best optic for you to buy? When it comes to the Aimpoint PRO Patrol Rifle Optics not called the PRO for nothing. The remarkable features make this product highly functional and unique and affordable priced to suit most users’ pockets.

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