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Best Hunting Tips For Beginners – Where to start!


When you start looking around for the best hunting tips for beginners, you find loads of articles available online. The biggest problem you face is that the majority of these articles include advanced techniques targeting people who have hunted for years. The dilemma is that you are only starting your hunting voyage now and need different tips on how to use your weapon, what are the best times to hunt, what scope should you buy and much more!

We have all the important information here provided by Daily Shooting.

Enjoy a scent-free hunting trip

When out deer hunting you know that, they are not as aggressive as most other animals but still have their own defensive skills to protect themselves. One of their strongest assets is their nose. Therefore, when it comes to hunting deer you want to enjoy a scent-free hunting trip by using different types of gear to help you control the scent.

Here you can look at different ways to ensure that you spot the deer before it spots you by using:

  • Odorless detergents as these help to make sure that the deer does not catch up with your scent.
  • If you prefer not to use odorless detergents, you can wash your clothes, baking soda as this helps to eliminate your odor.
  • Always make sure that once you have washed your hunting clothes to seal it in a tight container until you use them again.
  • Before you head out into the field on your next hunting trip, make sure to take an odorless bath or shower and use scent-free products.

Would You Prefer to Hunt with a Bow

Through centuries, the bow has been a primary weapon used for hunting to making war. These days the bow is used for archery and hunting. In the modern age, many hunters prefer using a bow for hunting purposes compared to rifles – but which one should you choose.

There are different types of bows available on the market and you can buy them with a single or a dual cam. So which one should you choose? A single cam bow is what the name says it has a single wheel found on the limbs. They work similar to a dual cam that has two wheels.

However, each one has their own advantage when used for hunting:

  • Using a single cam bow there is no change in the flight of the arrow and is easier to keep in tune.
  • The single cam bow compared to the dual cam is quieter that is superb for hunting as it will not alert the target once you let go of the arrow
  • The single cam bow is more precise as it does not easily go out of tune and gives you a more precise aim.
  • Now when it comes to speed the dual cams much faster than the single cam bow – this is superb if you are in need of a more aggressive draw.
  • A dual cam bow is faster, gives you low maintenance compared to the single cam, and requires shorter strings. The only concern is that the dual cam bow makes a lot of noise when shooting the arrow.

No matter what your preferences are, choosing a single or dual cam bow is all up to you when it comes to using them for hunting.

What Optics work best for Hunting?

Now that you have all your hunting gear ready and can find the best, hunting tips for beginners – do you have the right scope? Should you choose a fixed or variable scope for your hunting purpose? You may need one that fits in with your budget, but before choosing one, you need to consider different aspects before you buy one.

One of the important things you need to ask yourself is, for what purpose you need it, then decide which scope works best for you.

  • A variable scope gives you more flexibility as you can change the magnification of the scope compared to a fixed one.
  • The fixed scope has a unique design and you cannot change the magnification, as it is set according to a specific objective compared to the variable one.

Always consider the importance of your needs as both scopes work well and choose one according to your preference and needs.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are helpful tips available for hunting if you are a beginner. The information set out here in our article is only the tip of the iceberg and you can find loads of other vital information by paying Daily Shooting a visit.



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