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Caldwell Deadshot Fieldpod Review

Caldwell Deadshot Fieldpod Review

For many people out in the field when hunting there is a need of having special gear to provide one with stability in the field. This special gear is the Caldwell Dead Shot Field Pod that provides one with a solid rest and will make

UTG TL-BP78Q Super Duty Tactical OP Bipod Review

UTG TL-BP78Q Super Duty Tactical OP Bipod Review

I am a big fanatic and a proud owner of an MP10 with a quad rail and always looking out for great accessories to add to my collection while out shooting at the range or when hunting. I bought myself a UTG TL-BP78Q Super Duty

Caldwell Lead Sled Plus Recoil Reducing Rifle Rest

Caldwell Lead Sled plus Recoil Reducing Rifle Rest Review

Are you looking for great shots, trying to obtain the best groups while shooting, sight in your rifle the first time, and prevent recoil then there is one accessory you must have “believe me” it is the Caldwell lead sled plus recoil reducing rifle rest!

Trijicon NS 3Dot Set (GRGR) T0963 Review

Trijicon NS 3Dot Set (GR/GR) T0963 Review

Hey, there when it comes to handguns the question always arises as to what is the best sight to mount on it. When I am at the shooting range, this always seems to come up in discussion and, of course, each boy and his toy

Insight Weapon Light

Insight M3 Weapon Light Review

When it comes to handguns, many of us shooting at the firing range always end up discussing what the best light for our handguns is. We always seem to disagree however, some of us own the Insight M3 weapon light and have found that it