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Choose the Best Pistol Sight for Accuracy


When it comes to choosing the best pistol sight for accuracy one can debate about it for hours. The fact remains that there is no perfect way to prepare you for combat and shooting accurately. Neither is there an ideal handgun sight available on the market. The big thing is that certain systems go hand in hand and some work better than others do.

However, there are times when you need a sight. For precision shots used in close distance, shooting you may only need a front sight to get the job done. So when does one need a pistol sight to shoot accurately? With that in mind, let us look a little deeper.

When does one use a handgun sight?

You would normally use a handgun sight in the following situations: you train with it on a regular basis, there is no surprise when attacked, and you can easily see the sight. The obvious thing is that you need to train and be able to handle your gun under stress. The more you train with the weapon sight the more likely it is you will use it.

What pistol sight to use for accuracy

Choosing the best pistol sight for accuracy depends on the situation you find yourself. The big concern is that you need a good set of sight as the pistol you own has one that normally sucks. You need one that is easy to see during the day or night.

They need to be fast on the target and stay in place when firing. Further, they need to cut down on glare when bright lights shine in the background and visible at night when the lights are out.

Day Sights:

In daylight shooting the Truglo Fiber optic sight as it is one of the most visible handgun sights, you can use. On the front sight, there is an orange circle while the rear one has a green color. This helps you to differentiate the front from the rear one.

The device is great to use as it can withstand the recoil when using a Glock 34. The entire pistol sight has a steel structure and even great to use during a competition.

Although, the Truglo has a day use design you can use it at night, but not as good as a handgun night sight. They pick up minimal light when used in a low-light environment. This makes it a versatile sight to use.

Night Sights:

For tactical shooting, the Meprolight night sights the best option. As they transition easily from daylight to dark environments. During the night, these pistol sights are bright and easy to pick up. The night sights made with steel exterior and easy to install.

The nice thing is that they are perfect for day use as well as the sight display bright during daylight. There are two color options, one set with a green rear/front and one available in orange. The gadget is battery free with the tritium illumination and covered by an excellent 12-year warranty.

Long-range and Short-range Pistol Sight:

Whether you use your pistol for a competition or tactical shots there is nothing wrong in choosing a combined pistol sight. The Burris FastFire is a miniature red dot sight and slowly becoming a trend in handgun owners.

Using the red dot may take some getting used to and loads of training, but for quick shots, it makes long-range shots easier. The small optic you mount to the rear of the pistol and you can co-witness it with your guns standard iron sight.

However, for you to be able to do this you may need to buy a red dot scope mount. The FastFire has a superb lifetime warranty and with this optic mounted on a Glock, it becomes the perfect weapon for long-range shots.

The optic is perfect for both day and night use and the red dots adjustable and waterproof. The only difference is that this apparatus needs a battery. Further, it is perfect for short-range accurate shooting as well.

Final Thoughts

No matter what handgun you own you need the best pistol sight for accurate shooting. You may have a pistol with a standard factory sight not working for your needs. If you are using your gun for competitions or defense, the brands mentioned previously are perfect. Choose a set of weapon sights based on your needs. Maybe you prefer using a red dot to a night sight no matter what you need to focus on satisfying your shooting needs.



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