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Different Types of Handgun Sights for low light conditions


If you want to make changes to your handgun, the most beneficial one is to replace the sight. The majority of pistols include front sights that cover most of the target while the rear barely allows for aligning the front sight. Many of the factory sights actually distract you from properly aligning the front sight.

Some may work well with their narrow front sights and great for shooting the bull’s eye, but may not work in self-defense or in a competition. This type of situations needs you to view your target quickly and give you excellent accuracy when shooting from a distance.

However, as there are different types of handgun sights which one is the best to use?

Choosing the right sight for your handgun

Over the years, different types of handgun sights have seen the light from tritium sights, allowing you to see in low light conditions and great for duty applications. The next generations were fiber optic ones glowing brightly during normal light, changing color and great for installing on narrow sights. This new Gen is ruling the optic world in hunting to competition shooting.

Now you can mount mini-red dot sights on auxiliary to slide mounts on your handgun. These devices are durable, function well, and are more useful on the firearm. So brace yourself, as there are a couple of sights that you can look at.

Tritium Sights

Trijicon is great for low light training and one of the popular tritium sight brands available on the market. The best is that they continue to develop innovative technology as in their latest edition of HD sights. This new night vision sight has a combination of green tritium and photoluminescent paint covering around the vial.

The colors used are either yellow or orange and work well with colorblind shooters. For centering the rear of the front sight in a natural way, the rear sight has a “U” notch. On either side of the notch, there is a green tritium vial.

The important thing is that during the night the front vials displays larger and works well when shooting three dots during the night. The other great thing about these models they are versatile to use in any situation.

Tritium Fiber Optic Sights

Another great brand to keep your eyes on is the Ameriglo brand. They have custom designed different pistol sights at affordable prices depending on the model you choose. One other standout firearm sight is the Protector Sight.

They present you with models to fit a Glock, Sig, S&W M&P 9 and more. The gadgets have fluorescent rings around the front vial filled with tritium. In the daylight, the vial draws your attention to the front sight for fast acquisition. The other feature that Ameriglo presents you is the wider notch found on the rear sight.

For those of you with older eyes having extra daylight helps with quickly aligning the handgun sight. Further, it has a square but and not so sharp front edge. Something you may not have known is Trijicon installs Ameriglo sights tritium vials according to their specifications.

X-Ray Sights

If you are a Sig pistol owner, you will be glad to know they have introduced a new Sig sight the X-RAY 3. You can buy it with a traditional notch or a U-shaped rear notch. These are perfect for low light shooting as it has two tritium vials found on the rear sight giving you three dots.

With the wider notch, you can quickly align with your target, as the green fluorescent polymer ring in the front sight is more visible. The vials have a warranty of five years.

For the Competitive Shooter

Choosing a fiber optic front sight with a wide “U” rear notch is the best. For a dominant set-up, the fiber glows in normal lighting and sold by top-notch manufacturers such as Truglo, Dawson Precision, Heinie, and Warren Tactical Sights.

There is a variety available to match your firearm from front to rear with various adjustment heights. Buy a narrower front sight for precision and speed that are durable and easy to place.


Whether you are a sharp shooter or casual one there are many pistol options available to replace your factory sights with one of these best night sights for handgun. We hope this overview helps you to improve your handgun for shooting. So get out on the range and start shooting safe, straight and most importantly have fun.


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