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How to Install a Night Sight


When buying a new pistol there is one lacking important item the pistol night sight. The problem is when you happen to go out at night and the possibility may arise that you need one. Not having one equipped to your pistol may leave you vulnerable when the time comes to use your gun in the dark.

The other concern if you have recently bought one is leaving your important piece at a gun shop as the part time gunsmith only comes in occasionally. This leaves you with added costs as it only takes him or her 5-minutes to install your night sight.

What is the solution? You can save loads of costs by buying the necessary tools and install the sight yourself. This is the best investment you can make as you may decide to expand your weapon collection and swap out different sights over time.

So how does one install a night sight? We are here to help you with the following step-by-step guide.

The DIY on Installing a Night Sight

The first and most important part is to get you the right tools. There are different gadgets available! However, if you want quality in tools to remove or install a sight quickly look at the sight pusher made by Wheeler.

This fine piece of equipment works on all semi-automatic pistols and perfect for removing and installing front and rear dovetail sights. You do not want to go beating off a placed sight with your hammer and wood punch.

If you only want to use a tool for removing a front sight look at the FIXXXER tool as this is the best solution for removing that tiny nut holding the front sight. Moreover, remember to get some Loctite for the threads.

If you happen not to have a sight and in need of one, you can read our “Best Night Sight Brand” article and choose one best suited for your needs.

Installing the Night Sight

Setting up your workstation takes time, but actually performing the installation of the night sight can also take longer. With the above-mentioned tools, you can easily use the Wheeler to lock the device into place securely. All you need is a couple of twists in reverse to get the new night sight in place.

Even placing a unit on the front of your pistol is super easy with the FIXXXER. If you know how to use a screwdriver, you are set to go and remember the Loctite on the threads. This helps to keep everything in place once you start pumping those rounds.

Now you have everything in place it is time to align the sight properly and we are sure you know how to do that.

Here are detailed steps you can follow:

  1. The right tools – a non-marking sight press and best to follow the steps with care.
  2. Disassemble the firearm by removing the magazine and make sure there are no rounds in the chamber. Remove the slide, barrel, and recoil spring assembly from the pistol.
  3. Installing the Front Sight – never use a punch on a sight as it will damage the sight and the slide of the weapon. Place the sight in the sight press holding it in a fixed position. Place the muzzle end away from you and press the sight from the base from right-to-left into the dovetail.
  4. Installing a Rear Sight – place the slide in the sight press to hold it in a set position. Again, with the muzzle end facing away from you, push the sight from right-to-left into the dovetail.

Or you can follow the instruction and tools mentioned in this tutorial video on how to install night sights

Final Thoughts

Shooting accurately in low light conditions over 5 yards is an impossible task. If you happen to have a night sight fixed to your gun great, but if you do not it is time to get one. The main thing is whether you use the tools described with us or take it to a gunsmith your pistol is ready for action at nightfall. Take the shot with confidence, as you will be able to see your target in the dark.

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