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EoTech G33.STSTAN Side Mount Red Dot Sight Magnifier

EoTech G33 STS 3X Tactical Magnifier Review

Today we are going to look at tactical magnifiers. What is all you are thinking – what is that? If you are new to firearms, you have heard from many other shooters that they use sights for clear advantages in shooting long distance. However, what

Lucid HD7 Gen 3

LUCID HD7 Review

With our hard economic worries, everyone is looking to save a buck or two. When it comes to weapon accessories, especially optics they are the priciest of all. They will normally make your bank account shrink quickly. Buying expensive ones such as ACOG is out

Best Reflex Sight for the Money

  If there is, one item on the market that has exploded in popularity this last decade it is the reflex sight. With the best reflex sight for the money, you are able to cut your time from aiming to targets significantly. The first and

Best Red Dot Sights

Best Red Dot Sight, Top Red Dot Sights for the Money

  Many shooters are switching out their iron sights for the best red dot sight to upgrade their rifle platform, as this helps to change and better their accuracy, provide them with tighter shot groupings and faster target acquisition. With the red dot sight mounted

Lasermax CF-Nano Centerfire Laser Review

Lasermax CF-Nano Centerfire Laser Review

I belong to the local shooting range club, own a Beretta Nano, and recently bought myself the Lasermax CF-Nano Centerfire Laser specifically made for this pistol. Once received I easily installed it in my Beretta. Once installed I started checking the vertical alignment of the